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Private One-On-One Training

Accommodating your busy lifestyles

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Sometimes our dogs (or us) don’t work well in a group situation. That’s o.k! During a private one-on-one dog training I can visit you at home and get the full picture of how the dynamics of the household really are.

One-on-one personal appointments can be beneficial to suit with the dog owners time restraints and availability in the busy lifestyles we lead. It can also be a great way to be able to incorporate the whole family into training and get some solid and achievable ‘house rules’ in place.

You’ll be provided specifically designed behaviour modification programs to help you and your family with the ‘troubles’ you may be facing and also give you some individual advice and attention that you deserve.

If we can set our dogs up to succeed, they will! Why would they ever want to fail for you on purpose? It’s not how they are designed to think… They think you’re the best thing ever and all they want to do is make you happy… Some days it can be hard to believe but it’s true… Dogs really are a mans/womans best friend.

Where does the training take place?

I do offer one on one private training sessions initially starting in your home, depending on what suburb you reside in. ย  I cover the Inner West, City of Sydney and some surrounding suburbs of these areas.

What days and times can we do the training?

All private training sessions are conducted Monday to Thursday starting between the hours of 10am and 3pm.ย 

I run classes every weeknight and weekend so appointments are only available during the week.

Any question?

Check out our FAQ’s page.

Covid Note

I am available for private face to face appointments for fully vaccinated households. This is not meant to be offensive or discriminative, this is to ensure that I remain healthy and that I do not put my family and friends, along with the 50 families I interact with during classes every week at risk, and also reduce the need to close down my business without notice.


Unfortunately there can be an extensive wait list at certain busy times of the year.

Initial Consultation: $550 (Includes 2-3 hours in person & 2+ hours of prep and note taking following appt.)

Follow up: $180 (includes 1.5 hours in person & note prep post appt)