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About Paws and Think

So you want to know who I am? And so you should!

It’s important when trying to find the right person, training program or organisation for you and your dog, that you check out the trainer’s credentials and background.

Many trainer’s these days advertise that they are ‘trained’ under a particular course… but did they actually finish or pass the course? Or is the course an officially recognised course? Make sure that your ‘trained’ trainer actually has the accreditation to back it up and the accreditation means something worthwhile and the trainer you choose teaches with up to date methods and has a clear understanding of animal behaviour and what makes them tick! At Paws And Think we are accredited dog trainers and below is more information about my story and how I ended up beginning the adventure with Paws And Think.

My name is Shelley and I graduated from Veterinary Nursing in 1997 in New Zealand. From there I had an amazing opportunity to become an animal behaviour technician for an animal welfare and research agricultural organisation in the Waikato region. I won’t lie… this job was awe-inspiring! I got to study and collect vast amounts of data, samples and knowledge from observing animals and their behaviours in their natural environments or in the environments that humans had created for them. All our information and research went into upgrading and developing techniques and procedures to improve the welfare, surroundings and lifestyles of these animals. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work for such an organisation… but eventually I needed to spread my wings…

After making my journey to Australia in 2000 and working in various roles around the Inner West of Sydney, in 2005 I found a nice place to snuggle into and made myself comfortable amongst a team of Veterinary Specialists who specialise in diagnostic imaging for 16 years! Then it came time to venture out so I could help more people and dogs. I also discovered I suffer from a strange addiction to continual learning. Once I got my Diploma in Business Management in 2011, I couldn’t stop learning and started my accreditation journey to becoming a qualified dog trainer a few months later to pursue my passion of animal behaviour once more… Paws And Think was launched in 2013.


I’m trained and accredited through Delta Institute  Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, Karen Pryor Academy as a Professional Dog Trainer, Certificate of Excellence with Behavior+Works in Living and Learning with Animals (Friedman), Fear Free Certified Professional, Canine Hoopers World trainer, and certifications through the Master Course in Aggression in Dogs (Shikashio) and L.E.G.S – Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Group (Brophy); all of which have given me the vast amount of knowledge to help guardians live peacefully with their companions. I have more missions and adventures in the pipelines so I can work towards my personal interest in animal behaviour, gaining more accreditations and specialising in canine behaviour.

I’m a member of the PPGA (Pet Professional Guild Australia), DI (Delta Institute), KPA (Karen Pryor Academy), Fear Free Pets, SOCS (The School of Canine Science) and the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

All of this training is a valuable asset with Paws And Think Animal Training to keep me up to date with the changing environments of the industry and to ensure that client requirements can be met professionally and appropriately and our amazing companions get the best we can offer!

Our Team



Qualified Dog Trainer

Ana has always been passionate about dogs and has dedicated herself to providing insights to dog lovers with positive dog training. As a qualified and experienced dog trainer, she strives to help dog guardians understand the importance of building a relationship with their dog. She uses games, clear communication, respect, and love for reaching our objectives. She has worked with a variety of breeds, all ages and sizes. She has also gained experiences working with puppies, puppy development and reactive dogs. She aims to always set the dogs up to thrive by putting them in situations of success, help owners understand their dogs and build the best connection possible. Originally from France, she has been calling Australia home for over 10 years, and Paws And Think have been smiling and grateful for every moment Ana has been part of the team.



Qualified vet nurse, animal trainer & canine nutrition specialist

Adriana brings to our team a unique set of skills. As a qualified vet nurse, animal trainer and canine nutrition specialist Adriana has an extraordinary potential to help guide her clients by providing feedback to problems that specifically relate to their needs. Adriana runs her own bespoke doggy daycare facility and doggy hotel which means her skill in observation and managing social interactions between dogs is outstanding. Adriana has trained canines of all breeds and sizes as well as cats, birds and exotics. Adriana is also the CEO of an animal rescue and rehoming charity. With her experience and passion Adriana will help you solidify your bond with your dog through training. Adriana is a member of: Pet Professional Guild Australia, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants, Fear Free Pets, Shock Free Coalition Australia, The School of Canine Science, Animal Training Academy.