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Advanced Puppy Classes

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2 – 4.5 MONTHS OF AGE – $295

Puppies ONLY need their FIRST puppy vaccination to attend classes.

So you’ve made the big decision to bring a puppy into your lives! How exciting! Now what?

  • Enrol into puppy training course (4 or 5 week *courses)
  • Pups need to be between 8 – 18 weeks of age to attend.
  • Class sizes: there are 3-7 pups per *class
  • Two family members per puppy can attend +/- a child +7yrs

Foundation skills and exercises using positive reinforcement training are practised in the classes and at home to start the puppies out on the right paw. Including:

  • Sit & lie down on cue
  • Responding to their name & making eye contact
  • Polite manners around food
  • Nose targeting & following body/hand signals
  • Go to bed/mat
  • Beginnings of recall
  • Beginnings of leaving an item
  • Demonstrations on stays, appropriate play and loose lead walking, and further discussions on so so much more!

Guidance is given to ensure that you know how to advance and progress with your training whilst building a bond and relationship.

Education: toilet training, surviving biting/teething/mouthing, and understanding what’s normal so we can provide guidance and guardianship. We supervise appropriate play styles and discuss behaviours. We provide education on socialisation, mental stimulation, desexing, jumping, barking, interaction with children (and other household cats and dogs), crate training, avoiding separation anxiety – Each family is provided a +50 page booklet of notes to take home along with weekly homework sheets to keep you on track.


Classes with 3-4 puppies usually run over 4 lessons (lessons are around 80mins).
Classes with 5-7 puppies usually run over 5 lessons (lessons are around 60-80mins).

Bigger classes take longer to get through the content all whilst ensuring that everyone is provided adequate support. ALL classes regardless of length or class size receive exactly the same content, all the same practical skills are covered, the same handouts and informative emails.



4 or 5 weekly lessons

Book now to discover where the classes are held.

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