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A Lifetime of life skills

Good Manners Training

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+6 MONTHS OF AGE – $360

I believe that setting dogs up to succeed is a fairer and a substantially premium method of getting our dogs to learn desired behaviours and if the reinforcement is delivered just right, then the chances of your dog repeating the desired behaviour is high.
Training both dog and owner how to improve on life skills and what they think they already know! This class is for all dogs over 6 months of age, whether they be new to training or a puppy school graduate.


  • Each practical class is now approximately 50-80mins in length.  
  • There is a compulsory ONLINE component that you MUST do first before attending the 5 practical classes, which are run weekly.
  • Classes are small in numbers so you get the best results in the small time frame we have.

Each practical class is now based around a ‘topic’ or a ‘concept’. These are:

  • Foundation skills every owner needs their dogs to do readily and easily
  • Introduction to loose lead walking and how to get it
  • Foundations behind the recall and how to make it happen
  • Enjoy the moments with your dog safely when walking the streets
  • How to get good manners within the home

Now, here are the Nitty Gritty details of the classes:


Good FOUNDATION SKILLS every owner needs their dogs to do!

Everyone thinks that they have these skills sorted – and some absolutely do!  But just to be sure we double check if your dog can reliably do the following skills under mild distractions?

  • Reliably respond to their name & give their handler their attention.
  • Sit and lie down on cue and remain in that position (within reason).
  • Nose target on cue = ‘Touch!’ (visual and verbal).
  • Comfortable being handled around their collar/harness/leash)

This is not a ‘my neighbours have complained’ class – this does not cover ‘barking’, ‘separation issues’ or other ‘anxieties’ – those issues are 100% recommended for private consultations. 

Sometimes it is hard to balance a happy home life right?

  • Work on teaching your dog to go to their bed/mat on cue and settling.
  • Reduce the antics in the kitchen.
  • How to stop your dog jumping up on your guests.
  • Gaining good manners around dinner time and doorways.
  • How to teach a reliable ‘stay’.
Introduction to LOOSE LEAD WALKING and how to reliably train it

There is a FULL ‘Loosen The Lead‘ training programme that you may prefer.

Learn the techniques behind how to teach a dog to walk nicely on lead – Management of pulling behaviours, teach the tricks to get the skills and begin to  ‘Connect the Dots!’

  • Advise on appropriate equipment/harnesses/collars etc…
  • Learn what training options you have – each dog is individual.
  • Putting the foundation skills into practice – learn by doing and learn by watching others​.
Begin to enjoy the URBAN STREET WALKS with your dog.  It can be very stressful outside of your own front door!

This is NOT a loosen the lead walking class.

Sometimes walking your dog can be a stressful event – between not stopping when you stop, not listening to you when they are on lead and eating gross and dangerous ‘stuff’ they discover on the streets.

  • Introducing the ‘leave it’, and how to train it & what to do in the meantime.
  • Introducing the ‘wait’ & training calm when standing still when on a leash.
  • Improving the connection and communication – listening to each other on the walk. 
Foundations behind the RECALL – How to get them to come back to you once they are off leash!

There is a FULL ‘Rebound The Hound’ training programme that you may prefer.

Understand what makes your dog want to come to you when you call them?

  • Discover why dogs don’t come to you and learn how to change that.
  • Hand targeting, body gestures and tricks to make it easy.
  • Introducing interactive games and making training easy and fun.
  • Make the training achievable for success!


2024 Practical lessons STARTING course dates are 3rd Feb, 22nd April, 17th June & 14th Oct (online lesson needs to be done before practical lessons commence).

Classes are not designed for anxious, fearful, extreme hyperarousal, complex behavioural issues or reactive dogs – a private consultation is recommended to help you and your dog achieve desirable results in these situations. Please discuss this with me if you are unsure if your dog falls into this category. This course is designed as a good manners, obedience skills course where your dog is able to learn in an environment around other dogs.


6 Lesson Course: $360

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