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Finally a sport that is easy to get to, easy to partake in, and fun to play!

Welcome to the adventures of Canine Hoopers World, where everyone is invited. Dogs of any size, any breed and any age can join in the fun!

It’s like a low impact agility so it’s better for your dog’s joints with no jumping, no sharp turns and no large pieces of equipment.

Through the course we will learn how to enjoy the sport of running through large hoops, flicking around barrels, and zooming through tunnels… but most of all… we grow a strong connection with our dogs all whilst learning to have fun!

This sport is a great way to support any nervous or sensitive dogs, giving them something to enjoy playing with you.  It’s also a HUGE confidence builder to help all dogs become the dog you know they can be.

All courses are limited to 2 dogs maximum in each class. Classes run for 45 minutes.

Foundation Level – Come and test the water and see if your dog likes it!  All dogs need to be over 6 months of age to begin. Start the fun here!

Beginners Level – This course follows on from the foundations course.  More solid skills will need to be built on, advancing in course difficulty and manoeuvring around obstacles.  Working on obedience skills such as ‘wait’ and ‘recall’ outside of class is important so they transition to the hoopers classes. 

Intermediate Level – This course follows on from the foundation course.  Solid obedience skills will need to be built on for this level, advancing in course difficulty and manoeuvring around obstacles.

Advanced Level – Certain skills are required to make it to this level for both the handler and the dog.  E.G.  Solid ‘wait’, able to reliably recall away from other dogs, no resource guarding of food, comfortable collar holds, excellent hoop value, advancing on some distance handling whilst working around more advanced courses.

REACTIVE DOG CLASSES – Hoopers for Hackles – This class is specifically designed for reactive dogs.  Reactive dogs don’t get to be involved in many things due to being sensitive and easily overwhelmed.  This class is run at a slower pace, working with one dog at a time.



6 Lessons per course: $295

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