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Prepare to be Pampered

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2-8 MONTHS OF AGE – $295

So you have a puppy that will need to visit the groomers regularly?  Grooming can be very stressful for so many dogs; wouldn’t it be better if we set them up for success at the salon early to reduce the worry and fear?
Welcome to ‘Prepare to be Pampered’ – this 4 week course is designed to help you get your 2-8 month old puppy ready to be groomed by a professional groomer in the future.
Ideally we want to start the desensitisation, exposure and understanding of the experience as soon as possible (from 2 months of age) so they are ready by the time they need their first ‘Bath and Tidy’ (as soon as they are fully vaccinated) and their first full groom when they are around 10 months of age.

What we cover?

  • Education – why it is important to teach your puppy about the grooming experience in a positive fear free way BEFORE they have to go to the groomers.  Understanding why regular maintenance of your pets coat and nails is important for health and wellbeing AND why it’s better for your dogs mental, emotional and physical health if the experience at the groomers isn’t traumatic.
  • Handling – showing you how to gently acclimate your puppy slowly to being touched and handled from head to tail to ensure that their short back and sides is a pleasant experience for everyone.
  • Experiences – Gentle desensitisation by encountering the grooming salon’s noises, smells, movements and overall familiarity to the environment is a great start to reducing anxiety and worry.
  • Equipment – we will help you expose your puppy to the tools of the trade and introduce them to the world of grooming.

What this is…

This is for people who already know that they will not have time to groom their pet themselves, for those who simply do not want to groom their dogs themselves and prefer it to be done by a professional or simply those who cannot for whatever personal reason are unable to maintain their dogs grooming requirements within the home.   We teach you how to reduce the trauma that some puppies can go through at the groomers due to being unprepared in advance.   Having a dog that is less stressed at the groomers allows the groomer to calmly work WITH your pet and not against your pet.  Thus making the grooming experience hopefully quicker with more calm compliance and less concern for both your puppy and the groomer!

What this is not…

This is NOT a grooming course, we do NOT teach you how to groom your own pet.  We do not provide actual professional grooming techniques to groom your dog – This is for families who are wanting their dog to be happy when the dog visits a professional groomer.


Launching at multiple Puppuccino Pet Spa locations in January 2023.



4 weekly lessons