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Get some positive outcomes with our dog training

Paws And Think Dog Training is ready and willing to get you and your hound on the right track with getting some of those valuable life skills under your belt! Through positive reinforcement methods we can help you learn some vital dog training techniques so owning your pet remains a lifetime of awesomeness. Dog training is definitely not a hard task to master - it's the consistency and the way you train that makes all the difference.

Build an invaluable bond with your dog

  • Sit, stay, down, wait, come, shake, rollover, go to bed and chill… Sounding pretty good right?​
  • Have you got a jack-in-the-box for a pet? I’ll teach you ‘4 paws on the floor!’
  • Is your house being treated like an open-plan toilet? I’ll teach you the tricks to successful toilet training.
  • Do you get dragged down the road on every walk? I’ll teach you methods to avoid footpath skiing.
  • Where there is a will there is a way and I’m happy to guide you there!
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Tiffany Duarte
Tiffany Duarte

Amazing, caring, lovely trainer who had my dog in the palm of her hand from the get-go. Lots of fabulous, generous advice and encouragement. Highly recommended.

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Shelley is fantastic. She really went above and beyond in providing some helpful advice for me and my young border collie pup. We did the puppy school training and 2 months on, with some helpful guidance, my little beastie Luce is behaving less like Lucifer and is starting to resemble somewhat of an angel. Highly recommend Shelley. She’s very knowledgeable, kind and her classes were genuinely enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to book in with Paws and Think.

justine mccarthy
justine mccarthy

Best trainer in the Inner West

Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen

I would highly recommend puppy school with Shelley.

Went through four sessions of puppy school with Shelley for my mini foxie and had the best time. She has extensive knowledge on puppy training and dog behaviour. She understands first time dog owner's concerns and takes the time to address them to ensure everyone starts on the right foot. Shelley is also very personable but will be straight forward when needed which I really appreciated.

Would love for my dog to go through other training sessions with Shelley in the future!

William Bergamo
William Bergamo

The Best Dog Trainer around, all about positive reinforcement and what is best for your dog. Her classes are great and fun, also the private sessions you can learn a lot from. Highly recommend


Shelley is absolutely amazing. She really cares about every aspect of your dogs wellbeing and goes above and beyond in everything she does. She creates a strong bond with every puppy in her class and that creates a solid foundation for training. My puppy Peanut adores her! Couldnt recommend Paws and Think enough!

Caitlin Cowan
Caitlin Cowan

Shelley is amazing! She is so knowledgeable, with so many tricks to make training that much easier, and explained everything super clearly. All the dogs in the class responded so well to her. As first time dog owners we learned so much from her and our puppy Ziggy loved it, was worth every penny and more. Thanks so much for getting us started on the right foot!!