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Loosen the Lead

Walking nicely on lead

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+6 MONTHS OF AGE – $220

This course specifically focuses on teaching you and your dog to walk politely on lead together. We teach you multiple methods of loose lead walking and combine them altogether to figure out what works best for your dog.
We break down the mechanics of the behaviour itself, we break down how to make it work, how to reinforce it, and we practice the skills in class so you know how to train them outside of the lesson. All whilst continuing to build the bond between you and your dog along the way – itโ€™s time to start enjoying your walks again.

  • These classes are designed to have a week off in between classes to allow you time to practice your skills โ€“ e.g. one week on, one week off, one week on, one week off etc.
  • You must be able to attend ALL classes – Please check your personal calendar before committing to the course.
  • Only 4 dogs maximum per class.


Your compliance and dedication to the training programme will have a significant outcome on your success of the training programme.


3 Lesson Course: $220